You’ll Be Shocked to Find Out What Engineers Have Found Beneath a Lake in Tennessee

You’ll Be Shocked to Find Out What Engineers Have Found Beneath a Lake in Tennessee

What lies beneath the surface of Chilhowee Lake in Tennessee? Engineers have been slowly draining the lake to inspect the dam, and what they have uncovered in the lake is beyond imagination.

The Chilhowee Lake in Blount County, Tenn. provides stunning views.
Engineers have been draining the lake, trying to get it down 40 feet to inspect the dam for seepage.

Public access has been restricted, but this drone footage provides a breathtaking look at what has been discovered.

The disappearing lake is providing a peek at the past. Old roads, bridges, and other infrastructure are now visible from the days before the area was flooded for the sake of hydroelectric power in 1957.

The water level at Chilhowee Dam has already dropped around 20 feet as of September 24, 2015.The day-use areas along the river on U.S. 129 are still open for spectators to stop and take a look at the rare sight, but that is as far as Brookfield wants anyone to go.Part of the attraction to explore the emerging earth is a chance to examine history. As the reservoir disappears, the past reappears. And the farther you go upstream from the dam, the more striking the drawdown becomes.Three miles upstream from the Chilhowee Dam on U.S. 129, a group of passers-by stop and gather along the road to gaze at a bridge to the past. An old bridge normally hidden by the deep mountain water has emerged to reveal how travelers once crossed Abrams Creek. 

The old Abrams Creek bridge is uncovered by the drawdown of Chilhowee Reservoir. 

Gawkers gather to see the low water levels at Chilhowee Lake.

Written By: Jim Matheny, WBIR