‘We Are Coming’: Pro-ISIS Messages Found On Ohio College


Youngstown State University’s Campus Rock were defaced on Monday with the words “We are coming,” “France Deserves Destruction,” and “YSU supports ISIS.”

Shortly after the discovery the students at Youngstown State University repainted the rocks with pro-American messages. “God Bless America,” “Land of the Free” and the American flag, The Vindicator reported.

‘We Are Coming’ Pro ISIS Messages Found On Ohio College Campus Rise News

Officials are investigating the incident and reviewing nearby surveillance video to try to locate the suspect(s) behind this incident. The FBI is also on scene investigating.

A text message alert sent to students from the university said the graffiti did not indicate a “credible threat.”

Special Agent Todd Werth, the head of the Youngtown FBI office told The Vindicator “at this point, there is no specific, credible threat to Youngstown State or the Youngstown area.”

Anyone with info is urged to call 330-941-3527.



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