There Are A Lot Of Great Christmas Light Shows, But When The Music Starts This Is By Far The Best


This time of year sees many people adorning their homes with all sorts of colorful, festive and fun decorations. Wreaths, red bows, ribbons, and garland are hung on doors, mailboxes and fence posts. Lights are strung up strategically on the house, bushes and trees around properties, glowing candy canes line walkways, and all sorts of lighted and inflatable yard decorations are set out around the yard. Usually only a few of these decorations are placed out by homeowners, but a few go over the top and put up unbelievably complex displays.

The Johnson’s, from San Antonio, Texas, are one such family. They decided to take their Christmas light display a step further and amped it up a bit. Instead of the traditional Christmas decorations and sounds, they chose to go in another direction that’s a lot more high tech than the average display. Their show features individually controlled pixel lights set to dubstep and hip hop music with a few audio clips from movies mixed in. The pixels can be programmed with a software kit and control board which gives them the ability to change the color and intensity of the lights and sync them with the sound. The result is amazing, see for yourself and check out the video Matt Johnson posted of this years display.

If the house and display look familiar it’s likely due to the fact that back in 2014 the family’s light show was featured on the ABC network’s annual holiday program, The Great Christmas Light Fight. The show searches all across America for the best, most elaborate and extravagant Christmas light displays that the country has to offer. The top selected family homes are then judged against each other on the choreography, sound, look, and overall aesthetic of their holiday light designs. In the end the winner gets a $50,000 prize and bragging rights to the best Christmas light display in the nation. Even though the Johnson family didn’t win, they notably stood out for using high-tech elements like the pixels and different music, which made their display seem like a dance party. One thing is for certain, you have to see it to truly appreciate how cool and original it is!

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