Massive Animal Die-Offs Around the World

Since the beginning of April, animal mass die-offs and kills spread around the world.

Turtles, dolphins, birds and other fish die in mysterious events. But the worst is that nobody or only very few seem to care about!


More than 700 dead turtles have been found dead in the past 2 months along coast of Guerrero,Mexico. Todo Texcoco

At least 700 black turtles have been found dead along the Guerrero coast between February and March this year, according to reports protective of these marine species.

The hidrobiólogo Manuel Salvador Gómez Galeana, head of the turtle camp ‘Nautilus’ Playa Azul, in the municipality of Coyuca de Benitez, Costa Grande region, lamented that federal authorities want to cover ‘the sun with a finger burying the turtles’.


Five dolphins and other marine animals washed up dead on beaches in San Bernardo del Viento,ColombiaLarazon

The director of Civil Defense in Córdoba greater Raul Gomez, said that aside from the dolphins they also found lifeless several gulls, sea urchins, a fish balloon and dozens of Portuguese frigates at the edge of the beach.

He added that the massive presence of jellyfish in the coasts has increased the number of injuries to bathers who came during the Easter season.


1,700 Geese slaughtered due to avian flu in Taibao City, TaiwanChina Post

Nearly 1,700 geese were slaughtered at a farm in Chiayi County’s (嘉義縣) Taibao City (太保市) on Monday after an outbreak of the highly pathogenic avian influenza sub-type H5N2, in an effort to stop the disease from spreading.

The strain came a day after 1,652 geese, also infected with the H5N2 virus, had been killed at a farm in Yunlin County (雲林縣).

And 11,000 birds killed due to avian flu in South Sulawesi, Indonesia Borneo Post Online

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