Longboard Stroller Lets Both Kids And Their Parents Have More Fun

With all the popularity longboards have been enjoying, it was only a matter of time before someone realized they could strap a baby stroller to the front. Enter Quinny, a European stroller designer that has created just that – a longboard with a stroller seat attached. After developing their design for two years, it is finally available for the public.

The stroller was designed with a bumper bar and a hand brake to help keep things safe, though it’s still important that your child wear a helmet when riding along. Because it was approved only for European safety standards, it is only currently available in the EU, and it goes for 599 Euros a piece.

Would you go for a ride with your child in this “longboardstroller”? Let us know in the comments!








  • mimi

    Awesome! I love the fact that more and more, we are letting go of the idea that you must give up what you enjoy when you become a parent.
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