Child Gives Away Her Last Piece of Chocolate in Concentration Camp — What Happened 70 Years Later Will Bring You to Tears


Though the Holocaust was full of unimaginable horrors, a touching story from a concentration camp survivor shows that the kindness of the human spirit was never lost among the prisoners.

An 83-year-old woman sat in front of a camera to tell one story that would bring millions to tears. Francine Christophe was put into a concentration camp at the age of eight-years-old, with a big yellow star worn over her chest to signify that she is Jewish.

Originally from France, Francine was put into the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany, where she was allowed to bring something small with her. So her mom packed her two pieces of chocolate, only to be eaten on a day when she was to really need help.

While Francine and her mom were in the camp, there was a woman with them who was pregnant, however she was so skinny it was hard to tell. When it came time for her to give birth Francine’s mother asked her daughter, “remember that chocolate I was saving for you?” Her mother then went on to explain that giving birth in the camp will be hard, and that the woman, Helene might die – but the chocolate may help her.

Francine gave the woman her chocolate, the last piece of home she had. Helene ate the chocolate, both her and her baby lived. Six months later when the camp was liberated Francine, her mother, Helene and her baby were all freed.

A few years ago, now a mother herself Francine’s daughter asked her how things would have been different if those coming out of camps had therapy and psychologists to talk to. That gave her idea, Francine put together a lecture on the topic which many came to. A woman took the podium in the beginning of the speech and said she had something for Francine, to which she reached into her pocket and pulled out some chocolate. She gave the sweets to Francine and said “I’m the baby.”

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