Bizarre Accident With Vehicle Tail Left in Air by Unknown Force

Mystery of Chinese flying cars, vehicles leap into the air.

Vehicle Tail Left in Air
Chinese vans and cars levitate through air and flip over in the road at a busy junction. This is the video of a road accident in Xingtain CHINA, It shows the tail of a minibus rising up into the air, Half of the vehicles appear to levitate at the intersection.

The video is Not Fake! When it was released to public it wasn’t much information about on how the accident occurred. In general there were 4 theories: 1. The correct one and the most plausible, that the vehicles were lifted through air by a loose cable (You can find this in the last sentence of the video description); 2. It was a movie set (still plausible); 3. Powerful wind gust (unlikely); 4. Powerful magnets (absurd, but some users still suggested as a possibility).

The video went viral as people looked for a logical explanation, It now appear that a CABLE became TANGLED in a STREET CLEANER and tripped up the vehicles lifting them into the air.